Mirable: AI-Powered Sales Platform.

Mirable transforms B2B sales teams with AI insights of top-tier executives. With GPT-4's advanced capabilities, it integrates deep company and product knowledge to provide a nuanced, contextual review of sales interactions.

SDR Managers Benefits

  • Elevated Team Performance: Understand team dynamics for direct coaching where it counts
  • Tailored Coaching: Automated, rep-specific suggestions
  • Strategic Insights: Insights into sales pipelines and performance for better decision-making
  • Time Optimization: Prioritize strategic coaching activities to use time effectively

Insight Examples

  • Closing Techniques: Rep missed closing signals. Train on recognizing buying language to close deals more effectively.
  • Pricing Concerns: Rep mentioned price early, leading to resistance. Train on deferring cost discussions until value has been established.
  • Deal Risk Mitigation: Multiple stakeholders involved in the deal. Suggest mapping out a stakeholder engagement plan.
  • Product Knowledge: Hesitation noted when discussing features. Schedule a product deep-dive session to enhance confidence.
  • Sales Process Adherence: Variations in sales process detected. Suggest a refresher course on the sales playbook and role-specific scenarios.

Our Innovators Program

We're seeking a select number of organizations interested in leveraging the capabilities of the Mirable Sales platform. If you consider participating in this program, we'd be happy to answer your questions and get you started.

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