Mirable: Science Knowledge Management.

Mirable platform transforms complex scientific research into practical applications and market opportunities. It uses GenAI to interpret scientific papers with a high level of understanding and accuracy.

What Does Mirable Do?

Advanced Analysis

  • Deep analysis of scientific papers, employing near-human cognitive functions matching 75% of a senior scientist's level.
  • Summarizes papers, distilling key points like assumptions, outline, notations, requirements, and pseudocode

Contextual Linking

  • Connects research beyond citations, showing references’ significance.
  • Finds links and similarities between papers without direct citations.

Content Synthesis

  • Crafts persuasive pitches, slide presentations, and workshops.
  • Accelerates the development of grant and patent applications based on research by generating up to 80% of the content.

Interactive Collaboration

  • Creates educational content tailored to different learning levels.

Learning and Adaptation of the Platform

  • Identifies and fixes knowledge gaps.
  • Continuously evolves via manual entry of new cutting-edge knowledge and subject matter expertise.
  • Ensures quality and reliability with regular testing and evaluation.

How Does Mirable Benefit Stakeholders?

Researchers and Authors

  • Time-Efficiency: Summarization and analysis speed up the research.
  • Paper Development: Helps write quality papers and validate methods.
  • Grant and Patent Synthesis: Insights to prepare for submission.
  • Interdisciplinary Work: Links research to other domains.

Interns and Novice Researchers

  • Minimize Routine Work: Automates data search and summary.
  • Maximize Complex Concepts Learning: Makes them simpler and easier to grasp.

Industry Professionals

  • Offers insights into Potential Market Opportunities.
  • Identifies Collaboration and Partnership opportunities in the industry.

Broader Academic Audience

  • Knowledge Hub: Makes it easy to find and understand information.
  • Competency Profiling: Maps expertise and development areas.
  • Trend Insights: Spots trends for strategic decision-making.
  • Ethical Insights: Looks at societal impacts of research to inform policy.


  • Customized Learning Experiences: Create tailored educational content, making complex theories accessible to students at all levels.

Academic Educators

  • Curriculum Development: Quickly identify relevant materials that reflect the current state of research and generate up to 80% of the curriculum with AI.

Our Innovators Program

We're inviting academic organizations to join our partnership program and create a proof of concept on their relevant data corpus. Contact us to get your questions answered.

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