Mirable: ChatGPT Adoption Platform.

ChatGPT is transforming how people work across industries. A Harvard study shows employees using GPT-4 are 25% faster and 40% more effective.

Yet many lack the know-how to harness AI for better productivity.

Mirable innovative platform is designed to increase ChatGPT adoption.

Our Solution: across job functions

  • R&D: code reviews, documentation, debugging, system design
  • Marketing: campaigns, copywriting, brand strategy, feedback analysis
  • Sales: email templates, pitch ideation, competitive analysis
  • Finance: report summaries, forecasting, insights
  • Ops: process optimization, data analysis, workflow designs
  • HR: job descriptions, training, policies, recruiting, onboarding
  • Customer Service: analyze customer inquiries, automate workflows

How It Works

  • Pre-built Examples: Practical GenAI applications and use cases
  • Prompt Engineering: Learn through targeted job-specific scenarios
  • Controlled Environment: AI with human-led assistance
  • Collaborative Learning: Mix of solo and group exercise sessions
  • Clear and Timely Feedback: Automatically identified guidance

Our Innovators Program

We're seeking a select number of organizations interested in leveraging the capabilities of the Mirable platform. If you consider participating in this program, we'd be happy to answer your questions and get you started.

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